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Security Camera Systems


Unlimited video surveillance access

Upgrade your security system to protect employees, clients, and loved ones with extra protection and our secure rapid response to any conflict.

Get complete control

See what's happening in your own home or business with a touch of a button. From parking lots, to hallways and storefronts, gain complete access to help provide ultimate protection. We offer our Dome, Bullet, and Covert cameras!

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Instant emergency response to you needs

Our services help to protect our clients to the fullest potential. With our system and new features, we help send real time emails and text notifications with any unusual activity. We help navigate the real danger for you and let you know ahead of time if there's anything tp worry about with A&SC!

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Dome Cameras

For inside and outside use, with infrared LED use with little to know light


Bullet Cameras

Powerful capabilities and flexible lens options with long range wide view angle.


Covert Cameras

Hidden top quality cameras for indoor surveillance to detect suspicious and unknown activity.


Vandal Eyeball Cameras

Strong material and can withstand direct blows and rough usage ! If camera gets blown out. its designed to keep working and to give full auido and visual recordings!

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